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Couple of things to keep in mind…

1) It is best if you can BOTH be on the call…. if not, no worries – it just takes ONE committed person to make these changes.

2) We get amazing RESULTS for our clients because we only work with clients that are motivated to grow, committed to change, and READY to take action.

3) Check out what can happen QUICKLY…  They worked their butts off and pushed through fears to succeed.

My husband has been super attentive. He's stepping up to the plate and I'm getting the help I need. Because we feel closer - we are having more sex! He's initiating it so much more and being more sexual with me -like grabbing my butt when he walks by me in the kitchen, telling me I am beautiful, and wanting to play. I feel included and loved by him during intimate times.

- Tiffany & Hubby (married with a 2 year old)

You guys and this program have saved our marriage! Eric and I have had so much going on these past few months, I'm not sure if we would have made it out still together if it weren't for this program! The program has helped us communicate, listen, and react better to each other. We're looking forward to the "grads" community and staying connected with all of you!!

Stephanie & Eric (with 2 little ones)

I know Matt and I have the tools for the marriage we truly desire! I think my favorite part of the program was the very first week! When you can really allow yourself to dream about your ideal marriage, and then speak that truth every day, you will start to see changes. Hold that vision for yourself and your partner because you both deserve it!!! It works if you work it! When we apply the tools we’ve learned, our marriage is nourished in huge ways! And we are worth it! We really appreciate you and Ray!!

Jenna & Matt (with a blended family)

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