Forget Dying… Worry About NOT Loving!

Things become so CLEAR when you are in imminent danger… when you are forced to think QUICKLY about what you really need and what you really want!

So, as hurricane Irma came right for us – we attempted to save our home, packed up essentials, and knew that we could possibly lose “EVERYTHING”.

At first, I was so MAD… we have worked so hard to get where we are today and to protect our son from real trauma, loss, pain.

But then a CALM came over me… I looked right at our 4 year old son and said, “you know, the cool thing about these kinds of situations – is that it really makes you realize what is MOST important – having each other and being close… not any of this “stuff”, right?”

He agreed and we went on to enjoy PRECIOUS time together as a family cooped up in the car and hotel as we escaped the worst path of the damaging winds.

I have not had 2 full days “off” in a row in a long time… that was NICE – nothing to do but to talk, laugh, explore, and connect.

We are so grateful for this time together and that we are all safe! While I don’t wish this clean up process on anyone… I do want to share our experience to inspire you to take ACTION today to invest in what matters most – your RELATIONSHIPS!

Most people who get really sick KNOW it… 90% of people in the “end” regret not putting more into their relationships… and deep down you know it too… but somehow we go day after day not taking the steps we need to to turn things around.

However you go about it… just START!

Start with making the DECISION to be more connected, spend more time together, take better care of yourself, and be more present with your loved ones.

If you want our help… just book a free call and we will talk about how!