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Feeling overwhelmed and isolated?

Does it seem nearly impossible to balance the needs of yourself, your children, and your marriage?

You are not alone. Over 70% of couples with young kids are struggling to find time and energy to communicate and connect.

We are here to help. We provide articles about what makes marriages work, how to find balance, tips on mindset, and current research. We are on a few times a month for mini-trainings and live Q & As. We provide ongoing inspiration, support, and new ideas through daily posts. The group is made up of positive, like-minded parents who want to make changes and learn from each other.

Here are some ongoing topics that we discuss:

communication, talking tips, how to stop fighting, the secrets to feeling in love again, being a team, mistakes that couples make in trying to connect which can just lead to more disconnection, differences between men and women, taking care of yourself, how to feel attractive, and how to make time to date each other again.

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