Growing Together OR Apart?

The VERY definition of life is growth!

If you are NOT growing, you are dying (well, you are definitely not LIVING).

Harsh… I know. BUT, after 20 years working with couples, 10 years of marriage, 1 kid, several dogs, and a whole lot of gardening – it’s the way it goes!

My son and I had an interesting conversation the other night as we do at bedtime. He asked me if I was still growing. I said, no – not my height or feet or anything like that.

MORE questions came… (after some quiet reflection and deep thoughts from the little guy). “So are you shrinking?”

Wow. What a good question… if you are not going up in a sense, are you going down?

I said no, I am not shrinking (even though some of the grandparents may be – I saved that for another night!).

But, IF I do not use my muscles, heart, and brain… then YES, they do get weaker.

So, that is why we are always pushing ourselves as a family to challenge our bodies, hearts, and brains to be stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.

“Oh”, he said… (like cool, that makes sense). Then, the conversation lead to cells… and where babies come from (which I somehow diverted and was saved by the sleepy bell).

I LOVE having these amazing conversations with my son who always helps us to see and explore things in a new way.

This is the same for marriage… you are EITHER growing together or apart. It’s one OR the other!

When you are growing APART… you feel anxious, lonely, confused, and bored. I cannot tell you how many times (mostly men) have said that they are BORED or that their wife is boring.

When you are GROWING together, you feel loved, valued, cherished, and energized.

Most people just have NO idea how to grow, let alone together. So, they WASTE valuable time being angry, resentful, withdrawn, and blaming each other for the problems. Or, they look somewhere else for “freedom” and to feel “alive”. We all know where that leads.

We help couples every day regain the respect, clarity, and JOY in living (i.e. growing) together as a couple and modeling this for their children.

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