Who we are.

How we can help.


Just a few years ago, we decided to live our DREAM LIFE – NOW. We changed everything, moved to the beach to focus on family and what we really wanted to do with our lives.

We are super excited to be working together to help couples really connect and enjoy their relationships and family. I bring the clinical expertise and compassion from my 20 years experience as a successful Licensed Marriage Therapist and Ray brings his creativity, honesty, and humor from experience as a relationship coach, watchmaker, and artist.

We have been married over 10 years and have had our ups and downs too, but that IS normal and a part of any long term relationship as you will learn from watching our training.

How we got here.

After these first few years raising our amazing son (along with my specialty in Early Childhood Mental Health) we KNOW how important it is to have a solid marriage to give children the peace, security, and ability to thrive. We also know life is short and want people to get the tools to really connect – NOW – not when they are 60, 70, 80 as most people do.

We opened up our minds and created this awesome program to bring REAL transformation to other committed couples’ lives. We have put together all of the most ESSENTIAL pieces of information to change your mindset, start taking consistent action, heal yourself and your marriage, really communicate and connect, and be your true selves. It’s just the good stuff… no fluff. Now, information is one thing, BUT real change is another. So, we created a step-by- step system of accountability and support to help you get the results you WANT quickly.

If you want to work with us.

Watch this webinar and schedule a free consultation with us from there to see if this is a good fit to get you the marriage you want.

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