Terms & Conditions

This Coaching Client Agreement / Contract (hereafter referred to as “the Agreement”) constitutes a contract between Debbie Cherry, LMFT as well as Ray Cherry (hereafter referred to individually as the “Coach” or “Coaches”) and the Undersigned, yourself as indicated on the signature page (hereafter referred to as the “Client”). As the Client, you should read it carefully and raise any questions and concerns that you may have before you sign it.

Program details

The Connected Marriage Program includes 6 online modules with video, auto, pdfs, and exercises for you to explore on your own time to improve your relationship. The program also includes group coaching calls at least once a week for 2 hours (but usually offers two times a week – morning and evening times) for the Clients’ questions and support. The Client will have ongoing access to the online modules and materials, even after the program end date. The Client will be enrolled in The Connected Marriage Program for 8 WEEKS and will have access to the ongoing email support, weekly group coaching calls, 2 ONLINE PRIVATE 50 MIN COUPLES COACHING SESSIONS, and private Facebook Community support group during that time.

Coaching services

Professional Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, and relationships. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future. Coaches recognise that results are a matter of the client’s intentions, choices and actions, supported by the coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process.

You can expect that your coaches will be honest and direct, asking straightforward questions and using challenging techniques to help you move forward. You are expected to evaluate your own progress; and, if the coaching is not working as you wish, you should immediately inform me, your coach, so that we can both take steps to correct the problem.

As with any human endeavour, coaching can involve feelings of discomfort and frustration which may accompany the process of change. Coaching does not offer any guarantee of success. Life and relationship coaching are NOT therapy, and although Debbie Cherry, LMFT has been a practising Marriage and Family Therapist for two decades, she is NOT in the role of your therapist under this Agreement.

A life/relationship coach does not diagnose or treat mental illnesses. If you are currently in therapy, you are strongly encouraged to inform your therapist that you are also engaged in coaching, to help ensure that their work with you is mutually supportive toward your goals.

It is understood and agreed to by The Client and The Coaches that if either of us recognises that you, the client, have a problem that would benefit from psychotherapy, that the coaches may refer or direct you to appropriate resources in addition to or in lieu of Coaching.

In some situations as a condition of our continuance as your coach, we may insist that you enter psychotherapy and that we have your consent to discuss matters which concern you with your psychotherapist for continuity of care. It is further understood that the coaches are not obligated to provide you, the client, with psychotherapy services in any way. Life & relationship coaching tends to focus more on action, accountability, potential, and the future. Coaching services are a good fit for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and who want to make changes and move forward in their lives on personal life and relationship goals.

Scope of engagement

The Client chooses and agrees to participate fully in The Connected Marriage Program. We are here to help, guide, advise and support the Client as well as to review any work that is completed during the program. The Client acknowledges that The Connected Marriage Program is designed to transform and help Clients grow as a person and in marriage. In order to grow, people often need to face the possibility of unpleasant things and be pushed out of our comfort zone, and the Client agrees to be open to such experiences throughout the course of the transformation. The Coaches may terminate this Agreement at any time in its discretion upon notice to the Client if they feel that the professional coaching relationship is not respectful or damaging to the group, binding the Client to Confidentiality in perpetuity. The Client understands that any failure on their part to complete the action steps in full throughout the program will result in possibly not receiving the full benefit of the program.

Payment & billing

The non-refundable flat fee is considered to be earned upon receipt and will be deposited into our operating account. Should you choose to terminate this Agreement at any time before the conclusion of our services, any amount of the fee still owed by you will become due and payable immediately. The Term of this Agreement will commence upon YOUR acceptance of this Agreement and payment of the applicable Program Fee. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you agree and understand that you are foregoing the right to claim any refund of fees paid for access and use of the Program(s) offered by the Coaches. You further acknowledge that in accepting the terms of this Agreement and affirmatively seeking the benefits of and membership in such Program(s), YOU are taking full responsibility for YOUR OWN success. Thus, you agree that you will not request a refund.


The Client understands that all information discussed in the sessions are confidential and that written permission is required in order for my coach to speak with anyone regarding our work together. The Client understands that the Coach may participate in professional consultation to assure that Clients are receiving the best coaching possible. The Client further understand that at times telephone conversations, video, online, group calls, webinars, texts, e-mails or faxes may be utilised and that the confidentiality of information transmitted through these venues cannot be guaranteed.

Coaching is not a medical treatment and is not covered by HIPAA. Since one Coach is also a licensed mental health professional, The Client understands that the Coach is legally and ethically bound to protect either the Client or others from harm, and that my confidentiality may be limited in this instances. This would include any information the Coach might disclose that indicates that a child or elderly or, disabled person is being abused. The Client further understand that if they are at imminent risk of hurting another, or themselves, the Coach is required to take protective action.

The Client understands that these instances are quite rare in coaching practices and that the Coach will make every effort to discuss these matters with clients prior to taking any action. The Client agrees and understands that any and all “Q&A Calls” or “Group Coaching Calls” are open to all members of the Cultivate Connection Program in a tele-seminar/conference call format where everyone attending the call can hear each other and learn from each others’ questions. Any information shared during these calls will be heard by everyone on the call, and will not be confidential.

Please do not share any confidential information in these calls that you do not want any one else to know. These calls are intended to provide help and guidance with general questions that may arise throughout the duration of the workshop. The Client, alone, are accountable for any information that you share during these calls and within our Facebook Community Support Group, as well. The Coaches are not responsible for any information of a confidential or personal nature shared during these calls. Clients are welcome and encouraged to submit questions and ask for guidance involving personal and confidential information at any time throughout the duration of the program through our secure email support system.

Intellectual property

Only authorised users, who have duly attained access to any Programs offered by the Coaches by personally agreeing to the terms of this Agreement are permitted use and participate with such Programs. Except as expressly authorised by this Agreement, the Client shall not provide or make available any Documentation, Video, Audio, or any login member credentials to any third party, or use the Documentation, Video, Audio, or any login member credentials to teach any third party, or otherwise disclose or discuss information revealed in any portion of the Program(s) for any purpose other than exercising rights expressly granted to the Client by this Agreement. The Client acknowledges that any Audio and/or Visual Presentations, Documentation, and other elements of The Connected Marriage Program are protected under copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws and international treaties.

Mutual nondisclosure

The Coaches and the Client mutually recognise that they may discuss the Client’s future plans, business affairs, customer lists, financial information, job information, goals, personal information, and other private information. The Coach will not voluntarily communicate the Client’s information to a third party. In order to honor and protect the Coaches’ intellectual properties, the Client expressly agrees not to disclose or communicate any proprietary information about the Coach’s practice, materials, or methods to any third parties. The Coaches and the Client agree to be bound by this mutual nondisclosure agreement during and after the termination of the coaching relationship.

Hold harmless

I agree to hold harmless the Coaches from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, relating to or arising from any information loss due to technical failure, use of the internet to communicate with the Coaches or the use of the Coaches’ Site, any arrangements made based on information obtained by the Site, any products or services obtained through the Site. The Coaches does not warrant that the functions contained in any materials provided will be error-free or that the website or server that makes such site available is free of viruses or other harmful components. Security measures are absolutely taken to prevent any issues and take all reasonable actions to protect the Clients.

Dispute resolution

It is agreed between the Client, his or her assigns, family and estate and the Coach that any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Agreement, or the breach of the Agreement, shall be settled by arbitration by an accredited individual or organization with an arbitrator whom we mutually agree upon. The arbitration may occur by telephone.

Limitations of Online Coaching & E-mail Support

Messaging Support and Online Sessions are intended to provide quality information, support, and assistance with reaching the Client’s relationship goals. If any of the following apply, traditional face-to-face psychotherapy is more appropriate: 1. If in in crisis or having thoughts of harming yourself (e.g. suicidal thoughts) or harming someone else (e.g. violent thoughts toward others) or psychotic symptoms. Please call 911 or 1-800-SUICIDE, which is the National Suicide Hotline or go to the emergency room. 2. If you are in an abusive or violent relationship. 3. If you have been severely depressed, anxious, or manic. 4. If you have serious substance abuse dependence issues. 5. If you are a minor (under 18 years old). If the client is in a crisis, please call 911 or go to the emergency room and do not use these services.