The Secret To Desire

The Biggest Secret To Sexual Desire In Your Marriage…  

(no matter how tired you are)!

We all want to experience that PURE pleasure, joy, and connection… feeling the exhilaration, the desire, the ravaging – like nothing else exists but the two of you.

So, why do SO many couples get stuck in this painful cycle of lack of desire… where one person is pursuing the other, and constantly feeling lonely and rejected?

I know… I know… you are too tired, “touched out”, and everything ELSE is more important that sex right now, AND your spouse is not giving YOU what you need – so how the heck are you supposed to be “in the mood”?…. all lovely excuses to hide from what’s really going on here.

It’s NOT that the “spark” is gone, or that you are not “in love” anymore.

True intimacy comes from true vulnerability to another…. Allowing yourself to let go and feel every sensation, release every emotion, and find the healing in giving yourself vulnerably to another is what creates true connection.

It’s when all of the background noise is quiet and you are in your purest state, open, exposed, and present with another….

Does that excite you OR freak you out? Honestly!?

There is the problem… it scares most people… WHY…?

You don’t REALLY love and accept yourself!  Yep. It IS that simple.

Your sexual desire is a direct result of your OWN negative feelings about your self image… physically and emotionally.

The “self rejection” equates to a rejection of a partner who loves you.

This is a common pitfall in relationships: getting our sense of self-worth and desirability from those indications of others desire for us.

This pattern sets couples up for incredible pain when others don’t meet our expectations or hopes.

Feeling out of control is one of the MOST anxiety-provoking emotions to process, and one which can snowball into a vicious downward spiral of self-criticism, blame, and hate.

Stomaching this uncertainty starts with disentangling your self-worth from the actions of others in your life so you find comfort and confidence in yourself.

If you are NOT fully comfortable or confident in yourself, how or why would you want someone else to “see” you?

This may sound strange, but sexuality exists within you.


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